Praying for Health

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver- Gandhi

III John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in HEALTH, just as your soul prospers.

God told me at the beginning of the year, I think our Watch Service that every thing that I needed to know in life was in the Bible. Health is very dear issue for me because I have struggled with it most of my life, I was a very sick child, my mother had pneumonia while pregnant with me, I was three weeks behind on my due date and my umbilical cord was squeezing the life out of me during my birth, so I my mom had a c-section. I was diagnosed with asthma, hypoglycemia, severe allergies and always had severe migraines. When I got pregnant with my son, I was very sick, so sick in fact that the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I to had a c-section with my son and he too is diagnosed with asthma, bronchitis, and has a tendency to get a least six ear aches a year.  I’m saying all this to say, before I had my son, I was a thin 142, I was 16 and still battling. I’m 23 and in between those years until the last eight months, I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been up and down and all around with health and wellness. Either I didn’t stay dedicated or I would only go half way with it. I was praying about me being healthy for ministry and asking God what to do. I think it was maybe a day or two later. I come across Heather Lindsey and her being a vegetarian, I can’t remember if it was an blog or about her devotion and recipe book but I remember the spirit saying, “You should do that.”  I said what Lord, “Become a vegetarian.” Funny thing is I have a best friend that had been talking about it for months and me and another one of our good friends would mess with her about it. So I said I was going to start on a certain date and do it for so many weeks just to slide into it. It never happened. It was January 10th 2015, when I went cold turkey. I just gave up meat totally and have no desire for it. My mom’s instructions for her was to bake her her foods, not that she had to become a vegetarian but to change the way she cooked her foods.

Many people don’t understand but God created you, He knew you before your parents thought or didn’t think about making you. He knows your strengths and weaknesses, your cool buttons and your hot buttons. Jeremiah 29:11 says ‘I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.’ Luke 12:7 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Psalm 8:4 says ‘What is man that You are mindful (consider) of him, And the son of man that you visit him? We are on God’s mind, He considers the way we live, he wants to help us. I had to learn this, I wanted to be healthy to be able to share the Good News of Christ Jesus. I asked God what I should do in order to reach that goal and carry out His mission. He gave me the answer. Go vegetarian, I was sliding towards that way anyway and had considered it because I had done it before for a few weeks when getting ready for my senior prom. When I say I was sliding towards vegetarian, I mean I had already cut out beef. ( I was not raised on pork and pigs don’t look healthy to eat to me anyways, lol, what they are cute as babies.) I ate mostly birds; turkey, chicken. Along with certain fish and lamb occasionally. The nitty- gritty, God was helping me cut my diet. I use to love shrimp, I just thought it was the pearl in the clam to eat. I could eat a lot of it. About two years ago I was staying in Alabama and dating this guy and we went out one night to a local restaurant and sitting on the back of the tailgate, he told me to look down. My legs had swollen up, all I could do was go back to my cousins place and rest. I had eaten shrimp for a while and had very little reaction to it, a slight headache, which I thought was from the seasonings. Even after becoming a vegetarian certain things my body just could not and cannot tolerate. I am learning every single day to eat healthier to workout, to drink more water, to eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, and to include God in it all. I know there is a lot of new age going around but God has all the answers, everything that has taken them years too discover, it takes a few conversations with God to know.

I want to encourage you to pray and ask God what you should do about your health. There are some common sense things that we already know but if you struggle like I have struggled with up and down weight, health issues, and anything else, pray about it. The most beautiful result of eating and living a healthier lifestyle is clarity. You can concentrate longer, sleep better, focus on God, and hear God better. It’s like all that foggy vision you had starts to clear up. Satan doesn’t want us to hear God period and he knows that our health can play a big part in that. Saints its time for a healthier lifestyle.

News flash: If my grandmother cooks I still eat but not everything but because I love my grandma’s cooking and I do pick and choose what I can and cannot eat of even her cooking.

Keep in mind that eating healthy is not boring. There are so many recipes you can come up with and this day and age, you can go to so many different websites, like Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, or Google plenty of healthy and tasty recipes for you and your family. When you make these changes, you have to change the way you buy food, how you cook it. Spring clean your cabinets, refrigerator, pantry.

One more example before I go, my dad and parents still cook pretty hearty but they use a lot of healthier ingredients. They have went from regular table salt to sea salt, refined sugar to Sugar in the Raw, they buy actual juice and not the artificially flavored. My favorite seasonings are slowly taking over their cabinets and they don’t to much buy their old ones. My pastor always tells us this, ‘when your requirement changes, your environment changes.’ I am certainly requiring a different environment and it has to change. Even my friends eat a little healthier and I am grateful because we go out to eat every time we all get together. They ask me now where can we go eat, where I am comfortable. You may just be that influence in your friends, family, people you come in contact with every day. Pray about it and see what God would have you to do. Phil 4:6 in the New Living Translation says it perfectly, ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ It is an every day fight, it does get easier but you will always have challenges. I love ice cream, cheese, hot chips and honey buns and every now and then I get a taste for a snickers sometimes I indulge other times I have to say No. I should say no all the time and one day I will get to that point I can say no all the time. Until I will fight the good fight of healthy living just as I fight the good fight of faith. I put my faith and my healthy lifestyle together and every day and every time I surpass one obstacle another shows up. So don’t be discouraged if you fail this time, get back up and keep going, keep going until  you finish the race!

Just Miriam

Romans 12:2, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God

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