Be Patient

Another from my cellular device, also another in the wee hours of the morning. I have slept the day away because of being chilled, coughing, and a sore throat. But I will be better soon in Jesus name!

I have been inpatient, Wednesday was the official end date I was to not work for three months. Yes I actually kept up because I get antsy not working. Because I like being able to say I have an income and I need to save for school and house. Big plans, yes but I had to slow down because as I plowed my way into filling out applications everybody seemed to be saying no. What?! It has never been this hard for me to find a job. Banks, Hotels, Retail, all no! I almost had a break down, a complete break down, all these thoughts start popping up and I have an opportunity to move out with a great rent price just waiting on me and I can’t even get a job. So I start to panic, get frustrated, and lose my peace. Thank you Holy Spirit! ‘Let patience have it’s perfect work.’ ‘Trust Me’ ‘Doing it my way instead of your own will always be better.’ Yes Lord you are right as always. It’s the weekend and I am itching to get back to work, I have things to pay for, a child to clothe, feed, support. Not only that soon bills of my own, to tie with car note, phone, lights, gas etc. Tell me I thought growing up was easy at 12. I could go back to hustling and have what I needed with a few phone calls or I could stay in line with the Father who supplies all my needs and wait. I did the applying, the calling, the work, the house searching, but now its time to wait and see what the Lord has in store. You may be waiting for Boaz, Ruth, promotion, clarity, a door to open, whatever you have been praying for. Just wait on the Lord. Last night in my dream, the Lord showed a root being ripped out of me, the root of self reliance. I can do nothing without Him, I cannot breath without the thought of Him. I refuse to go back to the old me, I rather put down the calls, avoid the conversations, leave the ties cut and wait on the Lord. He has it worked out and the manifestion is coming forward.
Be patient, beacuse patience has it’s perfect work.

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