Surviving the Holidays Single


This came up discussing a movie with my bestfriend (Joi) where a young woman hires someone to play her fake fiance because she never told her mom that her fiance broke up with her. She wanted to please her overbearing mom that desperately wanted her daughters to get married to career driven, thriving men. Anyways as movies go she married the man she hired and dumped her fiance that came back after his job denied him a promotion.

Hi, I’m single and also a mom! Most of my friends are not married, like 99%. So here comes the questions like; why aren’t you dating, you are too pretty to be single? Why are you waiting? Where is his dad (my son), I thought you all were so cute (my family that hasn’t seen me in years)!?

So hear is the quality question for you, Are you worth more than holiday bashing? Yes you are! I’ve only had one guy over for holiday dinners. So I never get hey ‘I thought you were dating so and so’. Just remember what God is doing for you and in you, as He is fulfilling youand enjoy being single. It is wonderful to be free instead of trying to impress your family with someone who is sucking the life out of you. You are worth the wait! So that year you do bring the one home, you will be confident that they will be the one that will come each time. People are fickle, the ones that want you to be happy understand you are following the Lord. His say is the most important and lasting. Because you see most of your family and friends just see you once or twice a year. Single this year, YES! I’m happy, not stressed and not trying to impress! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!

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