Be Creative

Gifts and Talents are to be utilized, not  hidden or buried. -from me.

Out of odds I have been trying to not be frustrated while looking for a better paying job, trying to pack, and get my son’s schooling attended too, and trying to balance personal studies and prayer life all back in the order they were before just three weeks ago. My mind has been wondering, not purposely but it does. Then I remembered what the Lord told me when I first start writing this blog: write anything and I will give what to say. So with life trying to slap me, my writing has actually been up. Only today I had a break down and I blame that on my impatient ways, that the Lord is ripping away at warp speed. Sometimes I get writers block, lately it has been life block, I’ve always been able to work and always climb with the income later but now it seems after actual injury, comes the insult. No one is hiring, returning calls or working with schedules, I am thankful for the part time I have now but in order to move out my parents house, pay for some plans, and go where I need to go, I need something steady. Praying and filling out applications, so today I cried, I felt like a failing parent, a failing Christian, a failure. I was frustrated because I thought I was moving in a direction I needed to go. Then after not knowing how exactly to pray, I begin to take in God. A peace so calming I actually got an idea to write out better experiences for my life. What do I mean? I mean when I have run out of room tears, prayers and my soul seems distraught, God gets my attention through my abilities. I grabbed my laptop and started to write a story, something to get those feelings of despair out. Creative writing is something we are taught in school. So in a story that is fictional, I wrote my dreams of doing interviews, having a successful God encouraging blog and vlog, with a character I am hoping to become like as my life is being transformed by Christ. I always believed Jesus was placed as a Carpenter’s son because God is the carpenter of our lives, building us up strong and sturdy, unique with His personal touch. He saw what He put His hands too was good and built to last. So get creative, if you are a blogger, writer like I am write that better future you want to see, God will be sure to guide your pen to see hope. If you paint, draw, build, sing, dance, drive, play a sport, etc., do it all unto the glory of God. Creativity leads to productivity, then leads to activity for your heart, mind and dreams. Don’t let that mind of yours be the devils playground, get on the swing and image you flying high into those buried dreams. Be creative you beautiful God-made Creation!

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