Poetry Flow: Maybe I’m Tripping

Twisted minds in these twisted times
Everybody want to be God but don’t want to love their neighbor. They wouldn’t send a Saviour for the color of the skin is different. I maybe tripping but I’m not black enough to speak for black people because they say I love whites, reds and yellow people. I like to see the differences. I like to see the porcelain skin with the fire red hair, as well as the dark skin with hair tips that reach for the air.  But still I maybe tripping. Even though as I read my Bible, I see whole truth, no color but culture. I see what I see today people of ignorance saying the people that follow Jesus are ignorant, just because our Spirit is renewed to a God that loves us beyond our thinking. But I maybe just tripping, not awaken to death that lies within all the deceit teaching hate and incomplete because I don’t know, I maybe just tripping.


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