The Insanity of Me

Insanity- doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. -A. Einstein

I’m up late when I need to be sleep but as I was laying here this thought popped up in my head ‘The insanity of me.’ Then I started seeing the revelation. I need to be in bed at 10, I honestly work better if I do.
I need to eat a better less carb diet, I need to manage life better period. This is something that I have constantly struggled with my whole life management of time.
I believe in Pslam 90:12 it says ‘Lord teach us to number our days.’
This something he has told me and I just need to put in action.

If I keep living life in the same pattern no matter if the days go by, I will still end up with the same answers and then the same problems.

This is why God reaches for us, this is why He gave up His only begotten son, He knew that we would be certainly doing things in our mind set, strength and by our wisdom.

I am learning this; that I have to die to those old habits, attitude, and demeanor, rid myself insanity as I dive into the healing, power, glory and love of God.

God is faithful and just to take us from the rat race of our own devices and destruction but we have to be willing to let go of the insanities we keep flooding our lives with.

The insanity of me is that I keep trying to do it my way and the ways of what I think is right leads to death.

Lord save me from the insanity of myself….

For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.
II Corinthians 5:14-15 NKJV

Streching My Faith


It feels great to write a post, I have not written many in this month but I will be back on it very soon! How is everyone doing, I’m getty because soon the site will be update and some very special things are going to be coming up this year!

Back to the title topic! God has been stretching me far and wide, one thing I have and am learning is to rejoice and dance in the storm.

Rain helps things grow! My 104 year old resident use to sing every morning and say if it was raining, ‘Dear thank Jesus for the rain because without it we would have no food, grass, or pretty flowers. She loved Jesus and I was sad when she passed.

She was right without the rain it would be dry as we know it. We would be in famine! We’ll I have been in a famine period in some areas of my life but God!!

Back in August the Lord said I will catch you up, propel you into your destiny. At first when He gave me the instructions to do something I was not sure, I hated it the whole season but about November, God started breaking me from my old ways of doing things. He was stretching me, once you stretch something it never returns to its former self. So as I was being stretched in my faith and levels with God, I was trying  to do things as I did before. Hustle, I was trying to hustle hard, not realizing I was not resting in Him.

It took me a moment to even hint that I may be doing things wrong. Then I started praising more, listening more, being captivated by Him and going forward in obedience and not only was my faith being stretch and still is I could see it, I could understand and then when God kept telling me to re-read Matthew 8, I was like okay. I read it and read it and even listen to it. It wasn’t until I was driving home in a new car today on the highway by myself did I even realize what God had been doing! He was having me read His Word to fill me up for the particular time to use it at the moment. There is a Word for every situation in our lives we have to be willing to use the Word in each situation.

The Centurion comes to Jesus and ask that He speak! To speak the healing on His servant, you don’t physically have to come Lord, I recognize the power and the authority, you have over death, sicknesses and disease just Speak the Word only! My Pastor has been teaching a series called ‘The Word’ and let me say it has been wrecking my life in such a grand way! I love it!

The Lord has been unveiling Himself to me, not because I am Miriam but because I said Lord whatever you want surrender and humbling my will to His! I die right now so that You can live! I had to learn to stretch my faith, no matter what storm, hell, chaos, season or time of day and night. I had to see myself ahead before I ever stepped ahead!

“Come.” As Jesus told Peter, get out of the boat and walk on water!! Let God stretch you!! I am going to be above never beneath.

February 1! Happy Birthday!

Today is such a special day for me because at 2:08pm 2009, on Super Bowl Sunday, I became a mother to a screaming baby boy via c-section! The details and my near death experience will be saved for another day. I was 17, surrounded by doctors, my mom his dad, tons of family waiting for us to come out and enjoy. Today my son is 7, oh where has the time gone! I can’t remember saying much but I remember my son’s nana, asking did I want anymore children, seeing I had just died on the table and I looked at her sure and confident and said yes at least 2. It wavers from time to time especially as I take in how expensive things get just with one.

God makes a way and having my son is teaching me so much about unconditional love, discipline, patience, being calm when you want to be highly upset and it gets me out because my son is a complete people person! He is very opposite of me, don’t get me wrong I love people but he seems to talk to any and everyone. We were in Wal-Mart looking for blankets and a lady walks by and stops and sees a cake in her buggy. He says ‘Happy Birthday and you look nice today.’ lol really Jaden! He and the woman had a nice conversation but it was her husband’s birthday and he told her to tell him ‘ Happy Birthday!’ She was smiling the whole time and said that it made her feel really well that a young man took notice and was so polite.  Children are surprising!

My son is rough and tough’em country, four-wheel riding boy! He likes fishing and every dirty thing a little boy could imagine. The thing he loves is going to church with me and he doesn’t ask a lot of questions but when he does, it is usually something you never thought about.

His new and most savoring thing is Lego’s, he loves building and painting and drawing. I read in a few Jewish parent subscriptions that I read is that you find out what your child is good at and you invest in that. So this year I am investing in an art teacher, a carpenter class, and a music class, those are his three interest that he loves more than anything. He watches youtube videos about building legos and if you get him some he takes them out the box and give him about twenty minutes and he can have them set up like the picture.

I learn a lot from watching him build, if I really want to see the end product I have to build toward it! Children really do change your life and I am most excited to celebrate seven years and many more with my handsome prince!