February 1! Happy Birthday!

Today is such a special day for me because at 2:08pm 2009, on Super Bowl Sunday, I became a mother to a screaming baby boy via c-section! The details and my near death experience will be saved for another day. I was 17, surrounded by doctors, my mom his dad, tons of family waiting for us to come out and enjoy. Today my son is 7, oh where has the time gone! I can’t remember saying much but I remember my son’s nana, asking did I want anymore children, seeing I had just died on the table and I looked at her sure and confident and said yes at least 2. It wavers from time to time especially as I take in how expensive things get just with one.

God makes a way and having my son is teaching me so much about unconditional love, discipline, patience, being calm when you want to be highly upset and it gets me out because my son is a complete people person! He is very opposite of me, don’t get me wrong I love people but he seems to talk to any and everyone. We were in Wal-Mart looking for blankets and a lady walks by and stops and sees a cake in her buggy. He says ‘Happy Birthday and you look nice today.’ lol really Jaden! He and the woman had a nice conversation but it was her husband’s birthday and he told her to tell him ‘ Happy Birthday!’ She was smiling the whole time and said that it made her feel really well that a young man took notice and was so polite.  Children are surprising!

My son is rough and tough’em country, four-wheel riding boy! He likes fishing and every dirty thing a little boy could imagine. The thing he loves is going to church with me and he doesn’t ask a lot of questions but when he does, it is usually something you never thought about.

His new and most savoring thing is Lego’s, he loves building and painting and drawing. I read in a few Jewish parent subscriptions that I read is that you find out what your child is good at and you invest in that. So this year I am investing in an art teacher, a carpenter class, and a music class, those are his three interest that he loves more than anything. He watches youtube videos about building legos and if you get him some he takes them out the box and give him about twenty minutes and he can have them set up like the picture.

I learn a lot from watching him build, if I really want to see the end product I have to build toward it! Children really do change your life and I am most excited to celebrate seven years and many more with my handsome prince!


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