The Purpose Prayer

I asked God all my life why was I here on this earth, what purpose did I serve, I have wanted to commit suicide, drink myself to death and have definitely looked in all the wrong places for fulfillment. God started to reveal who I was before I actually knew that He was. I believe sometimes God is putting the answers in our face we just aren’t mature enough to actually read them.

In the last eight years it had become more clear even as I went through things and didn’t completely understand it all.
Some things in the last three years I probably ignored it and went about like Jonah running from it. When God reveals your prayers they come out bigger than you think but over time.

I have always loved writing but writing for the Kingdom, I had no intentions. I like singing mainly in the shower but I had no desire to join the choir at church but I did. I had no desire to go to school for ministry but guess what my first class was this week.

I learned to set aside my plans, my own purpose, my desires and my thoughts to my life and picked up all of God’s. When you pray about your purpose here on this earth. It takes time and it may even sway you from your own ways and thoughts. I say give in for God, because He gave all for you.

3 thoughts on “The Purpose Prayer

  1. Amen! Glory to God. You are right about that and may God continue to reveal his plans for your life and your future! When God has chosen and called you lol you cannot hide or run from it and the only thing you can do is submit to him. God bless you WOG to share your story to reach out to others and may God continue to bless your ministry.

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