God where is Your Strength?

This is a personal piece from my walk with the Lord… 

I was seeing myself at a point and even though, I felt weak at times more mentally and spiritually it also affected my physical person. I have some amazing people and God places people in your life that help you, but you have to be willing to submit to the wisdom. I’m not talking about earthly wisdom but true God fearing wisdom, and internalize it and meditate on it and ask God to reveal to you what you need. I love them for what time they take to pour into me. I’m grateful for people that listen to God at a point I may seem to be deaf trying to kill my flesh too.

Focusing on the Love of God, is a place I had soon forgot, not because I wanted to but I was busy with the works and not the heart of God. Getting busy because I’m a go-getter, I like getting things done and as soon as possible. I’ll run myself into the ground to get things done, even before I came to live in my purpose, at my job I work work work, because I can have OCD tendencies. Like I really like things done in order and a way which I have to tone down a whole lot because I personally don’t like being controlling. I just like it to look presentable very nice. I get drained when I go into this mode I have lost focus on the purpose. I broke down so very much in the past week because I lost the purpose even though I had a plan, plan without purpose is a lost cause. So I said Lord take it all away and I WILL lay at your feet before I USE any gift you have given me. They are all Yours just take them, I want no parts, I just want You. Then I received my strength to rise, where your focus is, is also where you draw your strength to live from. I am more determined to always be under the shadow of His wings and overwhelmed by His love then to obtain anything from my own life or this world.I would rather not speak if it means to be in agreement with the flesh or this world and I only bow to the King of kings and Lord of lords. My strength.

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