Hi I’m Miriam


I’m Miriam, I’m from a town in Arkansas named Pine Bluff. I am a believer in Christ Jesus. I am a mother of one young man, Jaden, I call him my Prince. I have had multiple changes of careers searching for purpose. I have lived in 2 others states and enjoyed both. I attend a wonderful church by the name of Full Counsel Ministries- Pine Bluff location with a great pastor, S.Vincent Johnson. Who has been a great teacher and a great example. My church family is very loving and a ground that is watered flourishes! I am the youngest of 8 children, or ‘Baby Girl’. I love to travel, sing, and privately dance for the Lord in my own praise and worship session. I enjoy every moment in life and it has taken me a while to get to this point but I know with God taking and leading me in each moment, I’m not going back. I have always wanted to please God and help people. I want to help people understand God’s Love, Word, and Walk in His plans and Purpose for their life. Every life is precious to Him and and the more people I help the more they can help. I believe in Unity and that the Body of Christ must be that loving body of Christ. Love God with Your whole being and love everyone as yourself. I hope you enjoy and join this journey with me! Be blessed, be encouraged.



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