Deceitful Riches

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Mark 8:36

This is a topic that bothers me the most, not because of prosperity being taught but because of those who bash those who do teach prosperity.

I do not have a problem with preachers who teach it because I myself believe that prosperity is necessary, if you are not prospering you are dying; broke, mental or sick.

No one listens to a poor man. (Eccle 9:16)
Why do our children listen to rappers and worldly people more than the preacher and the teacher?

Because they see the flashy things and people getting whatever, eating whatever, riding in whatever, living and traveling wherever they want.
Then ‘church folks’ say something if a Pastor is teaching the word, preaching the word, carrying out missions, feeding and educating people, spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth and say ‘that’s the devil.’ Satan is looking like ‘why would I increase someone who is teaching the people to defeat me.’ Come on church folk, wake up, now you are being decieved of what the riches are about.

Riches are to expand the kingdom. Contrary to believe Jesus was not broke in no sense of the word, He was so wealthy that ‘He knew and let a theif stay over the treasury’. You can be so caught up on spreading the truth of God and into the assignment on your life that the money is flowing and circulating to carry out what is suppose to, when money comes up missing you don’t notice.

But this religious mindset says the church is suppose to be poor, but how? Excuse me but my eloquency gets dropped when I’m getting to the real deal holy field.
How are God’s children going to carry out the gospel, half of the church not walking in enough faith to break five loaves of bread and some fish patties to feed 5,000 men not including women and children. We (as in religious people) are having a hard time having enough faith to pay our own bills, put food on the table, and pay off a building to have church in.

I can only find one thing wrong with the bashers, you are sleeping on God. Plain and simple, Adam and Eve were prosperous wanting for nothing, Abraham just wanted a child with his wife and became prosperous in that area as well. Children of Israel left Egypt wealthy ‘they made a golden calf’; ‘perverse’.

So let me ask you this, are you making your blessings into a golden calf?? Are your children, husband, your own life, your job, your friends, even you ministry come before God, is that your golden calf?

Maybe we have a problem with someone teaching on money because we have mismanaged ours so much, we are haters and haven’t sat at God’s feet for us to hear how to make those inventions, where to go to make a deal, who to see because 1. we think we can do it on our own, when God did not intend for us to live without Him (prideful). Pride comes before the fall.

Riches are to be used to expand the kingdom, not hoard nor used to look down on others as if you are better.

1 Tim 6:9 those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare
Vs10 says for the LOVE of money is a root of ALL KINDS of evil.

Let’s list some:
Drug Dealing
Bad Deals

People do all that and some more for money! If we put money in it’s proper place we will clear all those deceitful and perverse and evil things under our foot and our hearts and minds won’t focus on the money. People do all those things because they feel as if they lack something.

Matt 6:33 seek first the kingdom, “God and His way of doing things” and everything for your destiny and purpose on this earth will come your way.

God gives the wisdom to increase. Satan does not want the saints to increase, why would he, he wants you to stay stuck where you are, broke, disgusted and busted then you can never go out and reach the souls that need to be brought in.

Don’t be decieved Saints! Increase is of God.

1 John 1:2 Beloved I pray that you may prosper in ALL things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.



Matthew 9:8 Now when the multitudes saw it, they marveled (reverence) and glorified God who had given such power to men.

Everything Jesus did brought Glory to God! My assignment here is to have faith, trust and obey so that I can glorify my Father while I take this visitation on this Earth. #Assignment #Purpose #SpiritWork in the physical world. #KingdomBusiness

Photo Cred: Julius Suggs

Twas the Night Before….

I am so excited to celebrate the birth of my Saviour, my King! I am excited because without Him being born I, there would be no celebration of His death! And again His resurrection and He will forever! I am so in love with Jesus, but you know what He is much more in love with me. John 3:16 ‘God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son! God loves me, Jesus volunteered to lay down His life for me. I’m glad Mary accepted the assignment and Joseph chose to protect the assignment! I cannot imagine what it was like even as a mom because Jesus was and is the Son of God. So I am grateful for His sacrifice! I am thankful for my Lord and Saviour!!! Merry Christmas everyone!! Jesus is the reason we celebrate and the gift you and I could give Him is humbling ourselves before Him. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Poetry Flow: Maybe I’m Tripping

Twisted minds in these twisted times
Everybody want to be God but don’t want to love their neighbor. They wouldn’t send a Saviour for the color of the skin is different. I maybe tripping but I’m not black enough to speak for black people because they say I love whites, reds and yellow people. I like to see the differences. I like to see the porcelain skin with the fire red hair, as well as the dark skin with hair tips that reach for the air.  But still I maybe tripping. Even though as I read my Bible, I see whole truth, no color but culture. I see what I see today people of ignorance saying the people that follow Jesus are ignorant, just because our Spirit is renewed to a God that loves us beyond our thinking. But I maybe just tripping, not awaken to death that lies within all the deceit teaching hate and incomplete because I don’t know, I maybe just tripping.


Right Place, Right Time

As my last post stated I was going to my last two best friends graduation. While at gathering there, one of my friends mother is like my mother. We have known each other even before her daughter and I became really close. She talks to me all the time, she asks what I am doing and what I plan on doing. Well this time it was really different, it struck a chord deep down within. She talked to me twice by the way before graduation started. I told her I had not been able to make it to the others graduation due to work and I was excited to finally be able to make it to one. She said we are waiting to celebrate yours; it’s about time. Go for what you always wanted to do when you were a little girl, even if it makes no sense to anyone else.

That moment I wanted to cry because no one, absolutely no one had ever said that to me that knew me. I hear the inspiration all the time but it never clicked until she said it. Then it was like a flood of my hopes and dreams just came forefront. Truthfully, I had never planned on going to college until I had my son. I was that student that felt after AP classes and preparing for college since 8th grade, I was super tired of school. I can say my son was my inspiration to actually peek into that door. I went for all the wrong reasons to go into a career I did not like at all, I love helping people just not during draining and overbearing entry work for nursing school. I soon dropped out wanting to take a breather from all things school.  I’ve been floating ever since between what I think I want to do and what I am actually going to do.

Well during the graduation, the guest speaker was James Patterson, one of the greatest and best-selling authors of like forever! I have never read a single book but I have seen the movies made from those books and thoroughly enjoyed them. My excitement heightened and he was quite the character himself. This was like confirmation as I had been praying Lord what in the world am I going to go back to college for. I can’t remember every word he spoke, but ‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.’ Did stick with me and ‘Enjoy what you write and what you do, because if you don’t, no one else will.’ I was there to celebrate with my friends and got confirmation at the same time. God works in the funniest of ways.

I won’t cry now, leaving the family today, my friend’s mother pulled me over to the side and said, ‘Miriam, you’ve pushed each and everyone of your friends through college, supporting with encouragement, praying with them and for them, and making sure they all hit that end mark, they will do the exact same for you. You have to leave the nest at some point, your time is here.’

I got more inspiration from their graduation weekend to go back to school then I have my whole entire life. (Lol). So I put down all the things I would go to school for and reach for the goal of my childhood dreams. Now it’s time to pick a college, hmmmmm….

Love yall, can’t wait to post my Christmas special! Have a wonderful night!




Pouring Out

This Saturday marks a very special day for me. I’m the mama hen in the group, the last of my very close friends (sisters) are graduating. It has been 5 of us since 9th grade, and one for almost 20 years! I have heard my friends cry, struggle, break ups, call me at 3am, drag them out of parties (wild days), drive distances to get them, comfort and support them. I’m not a perfect friend and sometimes I have a sharp tongue not so much now but I always put it straight. My dear friend of 18 years is leaving next month for the Navy, she is also my confidential, my peace and my administrator of Word Led Life, she called me yesterday saying she surpassed some state highest scores for her military language test for the job she is going in for. Instead of April, they pushed her date to January. I am more than excited for her, I am overflowing with sooooooo much joy. She has seen me through, talked with me and she is the iron that sharpens this iron. We can have a bible study out of a simple hey! My other darlings are so close to my heart, I pray for them as well, we have fallen out and come back together. I’ve lessened my momma hen attitude, they’ve all have made it across the stage! (Officially Saturday) I could not be happier, I am a mother but this moment is something big for me. I love my friends with all my heart, I always want to see them do well and succeed, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially every single level. It’s a lot of tears, prayers and fights, and calming convo’s. I can only imagine how Jesus cares for us because even writing this I’m crying. Jesus wants us to succeed on every level, He put us here to succeed, carry out the mission he placed in your life to the girls of The Rush Council- mama hen is out and it’s time for you to fly. I couldn’t be happier about this weekend. God Bless!

pixlr_20151217231931609.jpgToo gain friends you must show yourself friendly- King Solomon


Step into the Light

‘If God can have His way today the ministry of someone will begin… It always begins when as soon as we yield.’ – Smith Wigglesworth

Well I was going through a power struggle this week and even now I feel as if I am at a standstill, but I have taken it as a time of learning who I really am in Christ. I was sitting and reading a book, I am trying to finish this book that must go in my collection, Smith Wigglesworth, ‘Greater Works.’ I closed my eyes to inhale some of the words I just got through reading and then I saw a light. I opened my eyes thinking, I must be tripping, what was in that cereal I ate (lol). I closed them again and I saw a light and the scripture that came to me was ‘I am the way, the truth and the light, no one can come to my Father except through me.’ In the vision I looked back and there was nothing behind me except a black mass and I said, so plainly, “Lord there is nothing back there for me is it?” I kept walking towards Him. Then the vision was over. I believe that was a victory of me never going back to my old way of life because I have come to a point where I know there is nothing for me in my old life anymore!

Many times in this walk with God I have been just like Hosea’s wife, Gomer. I have run from Him seeking my own pleasures, straddling the fence, holding hands with the devil and expecting Jesus to pay the rent.

That has been most of my life and every day I just say, ‘Jesus I choose you.’ No matter how tired I am, I chose Jesus. He is the life of me and the light of my life. I don’t have anything to look for back there in my old life. The craziest thing was a dream I had about when my family was really struggling and I could hear Satan say, this is going to be you, just like your family has always been. Poverty is what you live in and poverty is what you are. I woke up laughing and said to Him, you reached so far back, it’s unrealistic, those cars we had don’t even exist. That place we lived we can’t go back, you really tried hard didn’t you Satan and are you mad or nah?!!

My life is completely changed especially my spiritual life; it is light years ahead of what I was just a few months ago. All glory to God, He continues to light my path and I have never been at peace like this in my whole life. So I say to anybody let Jesus light your path, let His Word transform your mind, let Him crown you into your rightful position as a Believer in Him. You are royalty and worth dying for. It was beyond honorable and noble, it was POWERFUL!

Romans 13: 11-12

And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now, our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore, let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.


Ready or Not!??

After praying the other morning I went to make breakfast and God reminded me of the Cheez-it commercial. When the man comes and ask the cheese has he matured and the cheese answers him with a smart mouth answer, he checks not ready! Then he comes back a few weeks later and the cheese is ready and answers intelligently. God said to me, “This is how I came to you many times and I had to mark you not ready but now you are ready. Many other’s are just like you, they look ready but when their words and actions prove them not ready.

Matthew 23:37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.” 

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because all the warning and the prophets that came up to deliver them with a word they would not even listen and therefore destroyed themselves when turning a death ear.

I’ll get a little more transparent from personal experience. Mostly out of ignorance I was stubborn and hard-hearten and going through those teenage hormones disobedient. I loved God but had no idea how I was suppose to live for him, so I definitely rode the lukewarm fence most of my life. I was busy looking for love in all the wrong places and not knowing how to accept God’s. I became a teen parent, I dated men, went through the fast party life, thinking I found Mr.Right in all the wrong ways. I was thirsty and thought I was a player of some sort. I would clean up half washed for a while and I had no patience and every time I would break down and repent, I was an addict to my lifestyle. I wanted to live for God and live for Miriam. God does not work that way and I had to learn that through a whole lot of pain. I was praying for one thing and my flesh was dragging me around with all the fancies the world could offer. I would be bored at parties wanting to just go to bed. I’d use men just to satisfy my needs and have no feelings or care for them, all while saying yeah yeah, I love you and know it was lie straight from the devil’s mouth. All while juggling, school, a child and a trying to find a job. I was prideful, I didn’t want my son to grow up with lack but I was lacking big time. I was lacking Jesus and trying to win the approval of people. My mindset had to change; why would you give a child the keys to the Benz expecting them not to crash it. You wouldn’t and God wouldn’t give me my inheritance without training me up first. In August of this year, I got tired of missing out and I KNOW He had so much in store for me. I said Lord, I give in, I am simply tired, trying to fight this world, Satan and You. Whatever, I do not care what it is you want me to do! I will do whatever just teach me your will, way and give me your thoughts. God said give me three months of your time and so I can catch you up for the three years you have missed. This is the third month and when He came to giving me assignments and doing what He had called me to do. I was like, okay. Many say, they want to hear God say, well done when they get to heaven. I want to hear it on earth and have I. Yes! I was in praise and worship about a Sunday or go and I said Lord, I just want to please you and no one else. The benefits are nice but you are the treasure I SEEK. He said, “Well done daughter!” I often ask Him what would He like me to say, do, go, speak! I am making it a habit more each day but I had to learn how to bow my will, way and thoughts to His. I have chaos all around me. My son has been sick, bill collectors have called, I have been sick, but I am beautifully broken. I pray outside very often and my eyes were closed and I saw a treasure room. Jesus was standing in there and He said take anything you want! (Happy dance), tell a women she can have anything she wants and think she won’t take everything. Yeah I walked into the room, took everything I wanted and stood in from of Jesus and said and I’m taking you with me! (I laugh out loud every time I think about it). I can’t make it with out Jesus. I would rather starve, be in thirst, sleep under a tree and walk miles just to find my Jesus, He is the lover of my soul. I love our conversations and the past few days, I’ve been hearing you are ready, daughter! I’m up for it! Where and however He leads me I am going to be able to do it because He said so. I had to choose to mature in Christ or stay a babe! I had to make up my mind, was I going to conquer or be conquered. I have a saying, ‘Wear your Royalty well!’ I had to learn how to be a mature daughter in the Kingdom of God!

Galatians 4:1-7

Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father. Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.
And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!”Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ. 
I wake up and I can’t help but pray, it saves my day and when I soak in His word, it is a life to my Spirit man! I cannot imagine not living for God, with my chips pushed all way in. (I have never played poker so I believe that is a high gamble lol). Everything I have ever desired, peace, joy, ideas, songs, blog, being a better daughter, parent, sister, friend, person I have all found in seeking the things of God.
Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” 
I have found eternal life, it is all in Jesus Christ. Let Jesus come ask you are you ready just be willing and He will make you able. Saying Yes to the Lord is the most intelligent answer you could give! It definitely was a win-win for me!
“Everything I need is in the presence of the of Jesus.”- Tasha Cobbs

No Title, No Problem

We are called by God to know Him, this is your first calling -unknown author

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Recently my church had a graduate class with a lot of wonderful people from seminary. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and I had this great idea, I should go to seminary. I prayed about it but I didn’t and haven’t felt led to go at this point. In the last three years I really thought I should go, then my pastor anointed me last July to minister. Yes I was shocked but at the same time because God has already told me I was to preach and teach. I hadn’t discussed that much with anyone because it wasn’t something I wanted to do. This year was the most I had ever surrendered so much of my life, in the past almost two months is the most I have surrendered all of me. Three years ago until now is a lot of time to run from the Lord. I was running full speed into Satan whooping my tail, now I know how Jonah felt.

I have felt led to serve within but more also serve outside the for walls. The people that need the most help are actually outside the four walls. I like the way Jesus puts it in Matthew 9:12-13, …”those who are well have no need of a physician but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means; I desire mercy and not sacrifice.” For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

My mother and I use to attend a Wednesday night service at another church when I was younger. They had a mission planned one summer going to Mexico and I really wanted to go; I wanted to experience going on a mission. I asked my mom for a few weeks and of course she said no and that discouraged me from asking again. After that when I would see Joyce Meyers missions in India I would long for that. My heart was all about third world countries, helping others in need. I remember as little girl, I saw a lady digging in the trash for food and clothes and I wanted to help her so bad. We weren’t rich but we had more than her. It was the same reason I was in nursing school, worked in customer service, and worked as a nursing assistant. I love to help people live a better life. It is where my heart is but I always felt I had to be a little higher to get something done. I had dreams of going to Paris, France; Brazil, Mexico, Israel and when I told my aunt about me being in different places in my dreams. She said have you ever thought about being a missionary. I laughed because I had thought about it a whole lot.

My pastor mentioned once about getting inspiration from a movie. Let’s just say I did, watching a movie called Queen on Netflix, it is a Bollywood movie about an Indian girl who was broken-hearten because her fiance broke off the engagement days before the wedding and it was really embarrassing for her but she asked her parents could she go on the honeymoon anyway by herself. Moving along she went to Paris and then Russia but she discovered something that she was strong, smarter and independent. She made friends by herself and discovered that people just liked her for who she was. I was inspired to travel, to see the world, and be a light. The Holy Spirit gently placed this on my heart. “I have given you a desire for all nations and languages.”

We are called to Christ, that is your ultimate calling, mission, and purpose. Our second mission is to be a reflection of Christ and walk in His love. You don’t need a billboard title for that or a seat in the house to make a difference. So making a difference in the Name of Christ is the real title because He gets all the glory regardless. One of the sweet ladies I hang with at church was calling me Minister Miriam I just laughed and said, I’m just Miriam. The dreams, talents, gifts that God has placed on the inside of me to help others will make room for me. I know one day God is going to say okay, it’s time to go to seminary, Miriam. Right now, He is taking me on a different route and I’m just following Him. Miriam is unique enough for me and I am glad to just serve God and others.

You can reach where others can’t,you are important just as you are! Live this life for Christ with intent and all your heart. Revival ended last night and Pastor Bridget Hilliard said something that has pushed me into overflow for the things of God. “Don’t chock, if God tells you to do something, do it! Don’t chock because on the other side of that chocking moment there is a supernatural response.” Take the leap of faith, if God is pressing you to do something in your life to change the world around you, jump! Allow Him to lead you, guide you in how He wants it done so that He can receive all the Glory.

Genesis 12:2 I will make you a great nation; I will bless you. And make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. 

Miriam Suggs

Praying for Health

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver- Gandhi

III John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in HEALTH, just as your soul prospers.

God told me at the beginning of the year, I think our Watch Service that every thing that I needed to know in life was in the Bible. Health is very dear issue for me because I have struggled with it most of my life, I was a very sick child, my mother had pneumonia while pregnant with me, I was three weeks behind on my due date and my umbilical cord was squeezing the life out of me during my birth, so I my mom had a c-section. I was diagnosed with asthma, hypoglycemia, severe allergies and always had severe migraines. When I got pregnant with my son, I was very sick, so sick in fact that the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I to had a c-section with my son and he too is diagnosed with asthma, bronchitis, and has a tendency to get a least six ear aches a year.  I’m saying all this to say, before I had my son, I was a thin 142, I was 16 and still battling. I’m 23 and in between those years until the last eight months, I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been up and down and all around with health and wellness. Either I didn’t stay dedicated or I would only go half way with it. I was praying about me being healthy for ministry and asking God what to do. I think it was maybe a day or two later. I come across Heather Lindsey and her being a vegetarian, I can’t remember if it was an blog or about her devotion and recipe book but I remember the spirit saying, “You should do that.”  I said what Lord, “Become a vegetarian.” Funny thing is I have a best friend that had been talking about it for months and me and another one of our good friends would mess with her about it. So I said I was going to start on a certain date and do it for so many weeks just to slide into it. It never happened. It was January 10th 2015, when I went cold turkey. I just gave up meat totally and have no desire for it. My mom’s instructions for her was to bake her her foods, not that she had to become a vegetarian but to change the way she cooked her foods.

Many people don’t understand but God created you, He knew you before your parents thought or didn’t think about making you. He knows your strengths and weaknesses, your cool buttons and your hot buttons. Jeremiah 29:11 says ‘I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.’ Luke 12:7 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Psalm 8:4 says ‘What is man that You are mindful (consider) of him, And the son of man that you visit him? We are on God’s mind, He considers the way we live, he wants to help us. I had to learn this, I wanted to be healthy to be able to share the Good News of Christ Jesus. I asked God what I should do in order to reach that goal and carry out His mission. He gave me the answer. Go vegetarian, I was sliding towards that way anyway and had considered it because I had done it before for a few weeks when getting ready for my senior prom. When I say I was sliding towards vegetarian, I mean I had already cut out beef. ( I was not raised on pork and pigs don’t look healthy to eat to me anyways, lol, what they are cute as babies.) I ate mostly birds; turkey, chicken. Along with certain fish and lamb occasionally. The nitty- gritty, God was helping me cut my diet. I use to love shrimp, I just thought it was the pearl in the clam to eat. I could eat a lot of it. About two years ago I was staying in Alabama and dating this guy and we went out one night to a local restaurant and sitting on the back of the tailgate, he told me to look down. My legs had swollen up, all I could do was go back to my cousins place and rest. I had eaten shrimp for a while and had very little reaction to it, a slight headache, which I thought was from the seasonings. Even after becoming a vegetarian certain things my body just could not and cannot tolerate. I am learning every single day to eat healthier to workout, to drink more water, to eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, and to include God in it all. I know there is a lot of new age going around but God has all the answers, everything that has taken them years too discover, it takes a few conversations with God to know.

I want to encourage you to pray and ask God what you should do about your health. There are some common sense things that we already know but if you struggle like I have struggled with up and down weight, health issues, and anything else, pray about it. The most beautiful result of eating and living a healthier lifestyle is clarity. You can concentrate longer, sleep better, focus on God, and hear God better. It’s like all that foggy vision you had starts to clear up. Satan doesn’t want us to hear God period and he knows that our health can play a big part in that. Saints its time for a healthier lifestyle.

News flash: If my grandmother cooks I still eat but not everything but because I love my grandma’s cooking and I do pick and choose what I can and cannot eat of even her cooking.

Keep in mind that eating healthy is not boring. There are so many recipes you can come up with and this day and age, you can go to so many different websites, like Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, or Google plenty of healthy and tasty recipes for you and your family. When you make these changes, you have to change the way you buy food, how you cook it. Spring clean your cabinets, refrigerator, pantry.

One more example before I go, my dad and parents still cook pretty hearty but they use a lot of healthier ingredients. They have went from regular table salt to sea salt, refined sugar to Sugar in the Raw, they buy actual juice and not the artificially flavored. My favorite seasonings are slowly taking over their cabinets and they don’t to much buy their old ones. My pastor always tells us this, ‘when your requirement changes, your environment changes.’ I am certainly requiring a different environment and it has to change. Even my friends eat a little healthier and I am grateful because we go out to eat every time we all get together. They ask me now where can we go eat, where I am comfortable. You may just be that influence in your friends, family, people you come in contact with every day. Pray about it and see what God would have you to do. Phil 4:6 in the New Living Translation says it perfectly, ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ It is an every day fight, it does get easier but you will always have challenges. I love ice cream, cheese, hot chips and honey buns and every now and then I get a taste for a snickers sometimes I indulge other times I have to say No. I should say no all the time and one day I will get to that point I can say no all the time. Until I will fight the good fight of healthy living just as I fight the good fight of faith. I put my faith and my healthy lifestyle together and every day and every time I surpass one obstacle another shows up. So don’t be discouraged if you fail this time, get back up and keep going, keep going until  you finish the race!

Just Miriam

Romans 12:2, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God