Poetry Flow: Maybe I’m Tripping

Twisted minds in these twisted times
Everybody want to be God but don’t want to love their neighbor. They wouldn’t send a Saviour for the color of the skin is different. I maybe tripping but I’m not black enough to speak for black people because they say I love whites, reds and yellow people. I like to see the differences. I like to see the porcelain skin with the fire red hair, as well as the dark skin with hair tips that reach for the air.  But still I maybe tripping. Even though as I read my Bible, I see whole truth, no color but culture. I see what I see today people of ignorance saying the people that follow Jesus are ignorant, just because our Spirit is renewed to a God that loves us beyond our thinking. But I maybe just tripping, not awaken to death that lies within all the deceit teaching hate and incomplete because I don’t know, I maybe just tripping.


Poetry Flows: Cherish You

Maybe just maybe we have to many boys trying to be men, too many girls trying to take the stance of a woman.

I’m not saying don’t grown up to be a man
But explore the world not the girl, so you can have a deeper conversation, more than just Jordans and hating. Less baby making and more mind chasing. More men who stand up for God and don’t mind submitting to His Son, who can usher us into our destinies.

Maybe our girls are to focused on the body and not the skills to pay the billls. Less fleek and more geek, play with the barbies and be unique. Carry your pigtails for a few more years, lessen the tears from you and a child. Find the Love of the Man that made you, your mom and your dad.

So grow up a little slower, go see the world, keep God first, let His Word develop your soul, let His Spirit pure, whole and in control, mold you and make you.

Because we need you to be men and women not after the surface but after your purpose, love.