Streching My Faith


It feels great to write a post, I have not written many in this month but I will be back on it very soon! How is everyone doing, I’m getty because soon the site will be update and some very special things are going to be coming up this year!

Back to the title topic! God has been stretching me far and wide, one thing I have and am learning is to rejoice and dance in the storm.

Rain helps things grow! My 104 year old resident use to sing every morning and say if it was raining, ‘Dear thank Jesus for the rain because without it we would have no food, grass, or pretty flowers. She loved Jesus and I was sad when she passed.

She was right without the rain it would be dry as we know it. We would be in famine! We’ll I have been in a famine period in some areas of my life but God!!

Back in August the Lord said I will catch you up, propel you into your destiny. At first when He gave me the instructions to do something I was not sure, I hated it the whole season but about November, God started breaking me from my old ways of doing things. He was stretching me, once you stretch something it never returns to its former self. So as I was being stretched in my faith and levels with God, I was trying  to do things as I did before. Hustle, I was trying to hustle hard, not realizing I was not resting in Him.

It took me a moment to even hint that I may be doing things wrong. Then I started praising more, listening more, being captivated by Him and going forward in obedience and not only was my faith being stretch and still is I could see it, I could understand and then when God kept telling me to re-read Matthew 8, I was like okay. I read it and read it and even listen to it. It wasn’t until I was driving home in a new car today on the highway by myself did I even realize what God had been doing! He was having me read His Word to fill me up for the particular time to use it at the moment. There is a Word for every situation in our lives we have to be willing to use the Word in each situation.

The Centurion comes to Jesus and ask that He speak! To speak the healing on His servant, you don’t physically have to come Lord, I recognize the power and the authority, you have over death, sicknesses and disease just Speak the Word only! My Pastor has been teaching a series called ‘The Word’ and let me say it has been wrecking my life in such a grand way! I love it!

The Lord has been unveiling Himself to me, not because I am Miriam but because I said Lord whatever you want surrender and humbling my will to His! I die right now so that You can live! I had to learn to stretch my faith, no matter what storm, hell, chaos, season or time of day and night. I had to see myself ahead before I ever stepped ahead!

“Come.” As Jesus told Peter, get out of the boat and walk on water!! Let God stretch you!! I am going to be above never beneath.

February 1! Happy Birthday!

Today is such a special day for me because at 2:08pm 2009, on Super Bowl Sunday, I became a mother to a screaming baby boy via c-section! The details and my near death experience will be saved for another day. I was 17, surrounded by doctors, my mom his dad, tons of family waiting for us to come out and enjoy. Today my son is 7, oh where has the time gone! I can’t remember saying much but I remember my son’s nana, asking did I want anymore children, seeing I had just died on the table and I looked at her sure and confident and said yes at least 2. It wavers from time to time especially as I take in how expensive things get just with one.

God makes a way and having my son is teaching me so much about unconditional love, discipline, patience, being calm when you want to be highly upset and it gets me out because my son is a complete people person! He is very opposite of me, don’t get me wrong I love people but he seems to talk to any and everyone. We were in Wal-Mart looking for blankets and a lady walks by and stops and sees a cake in her buggy. He says ‘Happy Birthday and you look nice today.’ lol really Jaden! He and the woman had a nice conversation but it was her husband’s birthday and he told her to tell him ‘ Happy Birthday!’ She was smiling the whole time and said that it made her feel really well that a young man took notice and was so polite.  Children are surprising!

My son is rough and tough’em country, four-wheel riding boy! He likes fishing and every dirty thing a little boy could imagine. The thing he loves is going to church with me and he doesn’t ask a lot of questions but when he does, it is usually something you never thought about.

His new and most savoring thing is Lego’s, he loves building and painting and drawing. I read in a few Jewish parent subscriptions that I read is that you find out what your child is good at and you invest in that. So this year I am investing in an art teacher, a carpenter class, and a music class, those are his three interest that he loves more than anything. He watches youtube videos about building legos and if you get him some he takes them out the box and give him about twenty minutes and he can have them set up like the picture.

I learn a lot from watching him build, if I really want to see the end product I have to build toward it! Children really do change your life and I am most excited to celebrate seven years and many more with my handsome prince!


Love is…

It’s like 11pm right now and I laid down in bed about 8:45pm just up and playing a little of candy crush, just a little bit and  catching up on everything, I am a Sub-Teacher so mentally and physically I’m like pooped! I love children though, they are certainly different.

This post if you have read my last post are sorta interconnected. It’s not very often I share what I am studying on or my confessionals. I study a whole lot and sometime go through different translations and languages to really get a feel of a word. I guess that’s what writers do, search out the feeling and action in the words. I was lying down comparing my day with my confessions and I was like man I was not patient, I was provoked (not horrible provoked, I was irritated), and maybe I thought something mean today once or twice or maybe even three times! I apologize if this post is a little lengthy just stick with me for a moment.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

When I read the Bible especially the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and them writing down the things of Jesus and the conversations and reactions of people; I always say Jesus you are so patience with us, how in the world!! I would have left, through up my hands and said ‘Dad I’m coming home tonight, they don’t get it.’ (lol) Thank you Lord, I was not Jesus and He lives on the inside of me so I won’t quit either! Shouting moment right there… I started studying on one scripture and God pulled me to study another and He is also the reason I got out of bed to post this.

I say a first person confessional for 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. I am going to type it down and believe me, this will probably be my longest post ever! So here goes:

  • I suffer long ( I bear someone even if they aren’t my type of person at the moment, like the complaining cashier, or the talkative neighbor, or the children who want to  draw instead of do their work)
  • I am genuinely kind ( I may not even get along with this person, but I forgive and forget, I love them in spite of them and I do it with all glory going to God. I watch my words, actions and countenance.)
  • I am not prideful for it comes before my demise or fall.
  • I do not behave rudely, considering others better than myself.
  • I do not seek out my own agenda (letting nothing be done through selfish ambition Phil 4:12.)
  • I am not (ever) provoked; (I have no buttons to push)…this is the one I am being dealt with the most (smile!)
  • I think no evil ( I do not plot or think harmful thoughts they are not available to my thought life.
  • I do not rejoice in the iniquity of others ( their pain and suffering); but I rejoice in the truth ( His mercy endures forever, He goes after the one out of the ninety-nine, and the prayers of the righteous availeth much)
  • I bear all things ( all God has called me too.)
  • I believe all things (that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.)
  • I endure all things ( Acts 20:24 NKJV But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.)

Last but not least…vs 8 begins with a sentence that never hit me like it has this week. I never fail.

1 John 4:18 These is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.     I actually received more revelation as I was writing this blog and that is what usually happens anyway. The beginning of verse 8 says Love never fails, Jesus was perfect in His walk with God because He was made perfect in love and if I am made perfect in love I can never fail the assignment that God has placed me on this earth to fulfill. Am I going to be perfect 100%, I’m not Jesus but I do strive to walk in His footsteps as a child does their father and mother. I can only achieve and succeed in striving and never fail as I am made perfect by His love.

Imagine being so overtaken by the love of God, His very essence of true love being revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that I am captivated, intoxicated, eyes only for my one true Love; Jesus, that I couldn’t fail, ever! (I have to shout and praise Him, there is nobody like the Lord!!! ) Being made whole, takes on a whole new meaning when love is involved!

Unstoppable Love- Jesus Culture


Right Place, Right Time

As my last post stated I was going to my last two best friends graduation. While at gathering there, one of my friends mother is like my mother. We have known each other even before her daughter and I became really close. She talks to me all the time, she asks what I am doing and what I plan on doing. Well this time it was really different, it struck a chord deep down within. She talked to me twice by the way before graduation started. I told her I had not been able to make it to the others graduation due to work and I was excited to finally be able to make it to one. She said we are waiting to celebrate yours; it’s about time. Go for what you always wanted to do when you were a little girl, even if it makes no sense to anyone else.

That moment I wanted to cry because no one, absolutely no one had ever said that to me that knew me. I hear the inspiration all the time but it never clicked until she said it. Then it was like a flood of my hopes and dreams just came forefront. Truthfully, I had never planned on going to college until I had my son. I was that student that felt after AP classes and preparing for college since 8th grade, I was super tired of school. I can say my son was my inspiration to actually peek into that door. I went for all the wrong reasons to go into a career I did not like at all, I love helping people just not during draining and overbearing entry work for nursing school. I soon dropped out wanting to take a breather from all things school.  I’ve been floating ever since between what I think I want to do and what I am actually going to do.

Well during the graduation, the guest speaker was James Patterson, one of the greatest and best-selling authors of like forever! I have never read a single book but I have seen the movies made from those books and thoroughly enjoyed them. My excitement heightened and he was quite the character himself. This was like confirmation as I had been praying Lord what in the world am I going to go back to college for. I can’t remember every word he spoke, but ‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.’ Did stick with me and ‘Enjoy what you write and what you do, because if you don’t, no one else will.’ I was there to celebrate with my friends and got confirmation at the same time. God works in the funniest of ways.

I won’t cry now, leaving the family today, my friend’s mother pulled me over to the side and said, ‘Miriam, you’ve pushed each and everyone of your friends through college, supporting with encouragement, praying with them and for them, and making sure they all hit that end mark, they will do the exact same for you. You have to leave the nest at some point, your time is here.’

I got more inspiration from their graduation weekend to go back to school then I have my whole entire life. (Lol). So I put down all the things I would go to school for and reach for the goal of my childhood dreams. Now it’s time to pick a college, hmmmmm….

Love yall, can’t wait to post my Christmas special! Have a wonderful night!




Vital Organs

This post has been sitting in my phone for a few days and guess what I go to church and Pastor takes most of it, out of well, what I am going to post. Also last week we had convocation celebrating 30 years, can you say YAY! and really all the messages tied up to some major confirmation from my personal studies. I needed to be close to an internet source because I just knew I could not do this one on my phone. Just bear with me because it is important that you know the deets!

So yeah, I was at church two Sundays ago now and during praise and worship, God spoke to my heart and very plain. I was in praise and worship, eyes closed and I saw like a secret door open and a man was telling me to follow him. Then I had a dream a few days later and it was a hyena sniffing around trying to find something to eat and I felt a hand on my shoulder say it’s okay, he can’t find you, you are hidden.

(On the 5th)

I go outside and pray (it was crisp and cold omg) In the Spirit I heard, ‘I’ve been hiding you, just like a child is hidden in the womb, until it can survive in the atmosphere it has to go in.”

All November I felt stuck, out of sorts and I thought maybe I wasn’t praying enough, praising enough, I must be doing something wrong, why do I feel like this. It seems God is silent, I was getting anxious instead of resting. All the sermons that I heard and the reading and studying I had done,  kept my mind sane. Did I make right ways of thinking all the time, No! I cried but in the middle of crying, I’d be like, why am I crying, God is too good. I can’t settle for doubt, unbelief, or any type of negativity to be in my mind or heart. The victory is mine! It was like a reel that would play over and over.

Thank God I did take some former health classes or I would not have understood what he was saying. Throughout pregnancy, we are developed, our bodies to each and every single organ in each month something is getting  stronger. Babies can hear what’s on the outside at a certain stage but still aren’t able to live on the outside because of lack oxygen, brain growth, digestive systems, or whatever it may be. Do not become discouraged during these times, you are being hidden, growing stronger, so you can live on that next level that God is preparing you for. It is vital for your survival! Maybe your confidence isn’t high, maybe you can’t communicate well, He may be placing you in small situations to develop you. So when you are birth into your due time, you can most certainly thrive!!

Psalm 139:13 NKJV For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.




Please Stop. Let it Go.

I just could not help myself, it’s cold outside as well! Why not bring Frozen into this (lol)… Anyway that’s not what this post is about.

Earlier this morning I was reading about God telling Samuel to go anoint the next king of Israel (For a personal study project). Then a scripture and this blog post was born for some morning encouragement, night, or evening…wherever and whenever you may read this.

1 Samuel 16: 1 Now the Lord said to Samuel, “How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? Fill your horn with oil, and go; I am sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I have provided Myself a king among his sons.”

Today you may be mourning over a relationship asking why didn’t it work out, did you do something wrong, or why didn’t you see it coming?  Maybe it is a wayward child that you have done everything for including raise right? Maybe it’s your past life that keeps popping up. Whatever it is, just stop right there. God has brought you a mighty long way and just because you don’t see behind the scenes does not mean you just wallow in your pity. Get up and go out to do what God is sending you too! Just because something you did before, failed does not mean the next thing will and it does not stop God from receiving the glory. Maybe s/he was the one and then s/he were having their own troubling relationship with God. Then again maybe God was saving you from a headache or 3. (Been there done that). Maybe it is a child, maybe its that record, that unsteady job history, whatever you think is keeping you from going forward. LET IT GO!

God has other things for you to do and it’s not to sit and mope all day over something that was in yesterday. Samuel anointed Saul, it was Saul’s disobedience that got his crown snatched. Samuel also anointed David which we have gotten one of the intimate books from: Psalms and his throne is everlasting, some grandsons down the line came our Savior! So come on get up and get too doing what God is asking you, you can leave a God-lead legacy!! Have a wonderful day and let it go and go towards your destiny!